2018 Sessions & Speakers

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              April 18


              April 19

              15:00 - 16:00

              Using Vertex Enterprise and Vertex Indirect Tax for Compliance

              Nicole Jupin

              Heian II

              Do you work for a global company with complex VAT filing requirements? Are you struggling with managing the tax data and reporting needed to achieve compliance? Then this session is for you! This session will help you understand how Vertex software enables companies to efficiently address VAT filings throughout Europe. Special focus will be placed on how you can achieve compliance in Spain and Poland using Vertex Enterprise and Vertex Indirect Tax Returns.

              By the end of the session you will be able to:

              • Learn how Vertex Enterprise can help unify and transform data for the preparation of VAT filings
              • Understand how Vertex Returns can automate the production of signature-ready VAT returns, Intrastats, ESLs, SAF-T, and other reports
              • Learn more about the Vertex Indirect Tax Returns Spain SII and Poland SAF-T solutions

              Session Number: 3IT10

              15:00 - 16:00

              Demo: Vertex Tax Accounting for Direct Tax

              Ellen van Daal

              Otter & Esperance

              Does your tax department get bogged down with manual data gathering and data manipulation? Ever feel like you're not in control of the data you need for compliance because Finance owns it? Given the increased scrutiny of tax positions and reputations, ever shorter compliance time frames, and tax complexities like M&A activities and changing regulations and formats, it's time to let go of highly manual, risky tax processes. Attend this demo to learn how Vertex Tax Accounting can put you back in control of the data you need, automate key processes, and generate the sophisticated reporting you need to monitor, control, and advise the business.

              By the end of the session you will be able to:

              • Have a basic understanding of how Vertex Tax Accounting looks and works
              • Explain how it can help tax departments by providing dashboards and other powerful capabilities
              • Better understand the flexible reporting possibilities

              Session Number: 4D200