Innovation Awards

Introducing the 2019 Winners

Each year, we recognize companies for using our solutions in innovative ways to overcome business challenges and improve results. Thanks to our customers and partners that submitted their projects for consideration. We are pleased to announce the 2019 Innovation Award winners!

2019 Innovation Award Winners

2019 Innovation Award Winners

Last year, the Vertex Innovation Awards recognized six companies that leveraged our software and services to solve complex business challenges: CONA Services; Graybar Electric Company, Inc.; The LEGO Group; MetLife, Inc.; Patagonia; and Siemens Corporation.

Read each company's story to learn how our 2019 Innovation Award winners implemented a leading-edge approach to tax management with our solutions.

CONA Services

Refreshing the world through mobile field service enablement

Graybar Electric Company, Inc.

A complete tax transformation to electrify business processes


Using Vertex building blocks to create a positive omnichannel customer experience


Ensuring sales and procurement tax needs are met for life


Saving the planet while elevating the omnichannel customer experience

Siemens Corporation

A rush order for an enterprise-wide global tax solution

2019 People's Choice Award Winner

Many nominees. Six finalists. One company voted as the “People’s Choice.”

Conference attendees awarded CONA Services the People's Choice Award for innovation and inspiration for their approach to tax management using our solutions. Congratulations to CONA Services for being voted last year’s People’s Choice!

CONA Services

Refreshing the world through mobile field service enablement

Coke One North America (CONA) is an IT platform that supports the North American Coca-Cola Bottling System by delivering integrated tools, data standards, and processes to participating local bottlers. CONA is one of the largest single instances of Software as a Service environments in the world used by 12 Bottling Partners across 512 locations in the United States and Canada with over 80,000 employees. CONA Services, LLC is the organization that manages the solution and provides bottlers with industry expertise and best-in-class service. CONA Services was founded in 2013 and is owned and governed by the participating bottlers.

Innovation at Work:

CONA Services is on the forefront of evolving point-of-sale (POS) models that enable companies to compete in the digital retail economy. The CONA team leveraged the Vertex retail solution and tax content to create a new mobile field service enablement solution for over 11,000 Coca-Cola drivers. CONA built a new offline pricing solution for the sophisticated handheld POS devices used by drivers who often need to change invoices at the time of delivery. CONA’s new process includes applying Vertex tax content, as well as pre-defined origin- and destination-based rules from Vertex O Series to hundreds of handhelds. These devices are used by drivers to complete or change sales and order entries during delivery at each location. The solution enables the handheld devices to calculate tax real-time, on all orders. Each day when the drivers return, they dock their handheld devices into the CONA system and the data is downloaded for settlement. Now, the invoice that the customer receives is what the customer will be billed.

CONA is leveraging a new SAP sales and distribution system in coordination with existing hardware to sell in an omnichannel environment where orders are often changed at the time of delivery. This innovative solution combines accurate POS tax calculations with complete end-to-end reconciliation of batch invoices with CONA’s accounting system that drives the entire business. Additionally, the team at CONA estimates saving $15 million by meeting their tax needs without replacing the existing handheld technology devices used by all delivery drivers in the field.

In Their Words:

Partnering with Vertex, CONA is at the forefront of evolving POS models required to compete in the modern retail world, supporting Coca-Cola’s mission-critical bottling business operation. Accurate tax calculations are combined with complete end-to-end reconciliation of high transaction volumes and broad jurisdictional coverage to deliver superior business services.
- Susan Laughrey, P & S Solution Architect, CONA Services