Why Attend

Vertex Exchange 2018: Why Attend

Corporate Tax is coming together at Vertex Exchange 2018: To share knowledge. To work together on challenges. To strengthen the tax community. And to focus on what matters most in this era of rapid, complex change and unprecedented opportunity. We’re Leading Tax Forward—together.

Six Reasons to Attend Exchange
Sessions that sizzle: Choose from 130+ conference sessions led by the industry’s top tax and technology experts
Quick content: Take advantage of Flash sessions offering short-duration content on high-impact topics
CPE opportunities: Earn up to 27 CPE credits—so you can stay up to date on yearly requirements
Face-to-face engagement: Meet one-to-one with Vertex solution experts and conference sponsors
Higher productivity: Receive hands-on product training and learn tips and tricks—including often-overlooked features that can drive productivity and enhance ROI
Industry ignition: Participate in Special Interest Groups to gain best practices and influence product advancements. And, network with peers who are in similar industries or use the same solutions.

Ready to Convince Your Manager?

The decision to attend Vertex Exchange may not be yours alone. Need to persuade your supervisor or board that it’s a worthwhile investment? We can help. Customize our business case letter template to help support your approval process.

Vertex Exchange

What's New


Vertex customers know that we never stop innovating. That’s true of our products AND our events. Check back to see what’s changing at the 2018 event.

Vertex Exchange

Special Interest Groups


Conversation, collaboration and community: Explore the Special Interest Group sessions at Vertex Exchange 2018.

Vertex Exchange

Hands-On Training


Ready to boost your Vertex product knowledge? Take advantage of opportunities for hands-on learning at Vertex Exchange 2018. Explore the possibilities.

Vertex Exchange

Network With Experts


Strong connections. Meaningful conversations. Powerful collaboration. At Vertex Exchange 2018 we’re Leading Tax Forward—together.

On-Site Resource Center


Informal discussions. Individual product demos. And one-to-one meetings with product and support experts. Find it all at the Resource Center at Vertex Exchange 2018.

Vertex Exchange

Evening Activities


One of the best ways to build enduring relationships with fellow attendees? By having fun together!